Young girl with down syndrome dancing in a field with her family behind her

Celebrate the Differences

At GRACE we like to celebrate the differences within us and around us. Join us on social media to stay up to date on everything we celebrate each day!

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Sabbath Banquet

Genesis 2:3 + Luke 14:12-14

What is a Sabbath Banquet? The Sabbath Banquet to us is the combination of resting and unplugging on a day to set it apart as holy while also honoring the parable of the banquet when Jesus tells us to invite the poor and disabled. The Sabbath Banquet is a time for communal worship, feasting, and lots of fun. Teens and adults with disabilities are our honored guests and hold an open invite to attend while non-disabled peers are welcome upon invite. 

Young boy in gray hooding with his arm around his younger sister smiling.

Inclusion is the Solution

Here at GRACE, inclusion is what we do. We encourage inclusion in our programming and events. Siblings are always invited to participate or volunteer at our events and programs. Find which program fits your family!

Inclusive Programs

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Connect Groups is the place to be on a Friday night!

Join us in a fun and laid back environment where teens (14+) and young adults get to connect with each other and explore new interests and activities along the way. Friday nights are group-led with an emphasis on developing authentic community and relationships. Different activities and programming will be available each week, as well as community service opportunities. Come for the fun, stay for the friends!


*No registration needed, complete our new participant form if you/your child have never attended a Grace RC event or program.


Volunteering is for Everyone

We encourage everyone to get involved with one of our programs or events regardless of ability, because everyone has the ability to give their time and make a difference. Various positions available for all ability levels!

Inclusive Volunteering

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