Blog Entries - 2020

a girl in a walker staring into the camera

What would you see?

September 7, 2020

What would you see?   If you looked through my eyes what would you see? Kids running and laughing, oh what a joy to be free. Dogs jumping and barking, oh what a joy to be seen.   If you looked through my

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Amy and Kyia looking at eachother

back to normal

May 1, 2020

Some of you will think this is impossible, but... 


During quarantine I’ve grown so much closer to Kyia. Like it’s probably not healthy, and I think we will both have some attachment issues when it’s all over. 


But will it ever truly be over? I hope not. 


That sounds weird, right? But hear me out. 


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Through My Daughter's Eyes

March 1, 2020

How can someone live up to that? But that's the glory of it, He forgives us no matter our shortcomings. I feel like humans struggle with this concept of individuality unlike God because you have Christians who have a

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