summer connect

Join us for our Summer Connect Groups where teens and young adults get to connect with each other, their faith and abilities, as well as their communities. Through activities and adventures, your child will learn new skills and test their own boundaries -- maybe even revealing hidden talents. Your teens and young adults will enter a safe and fun space where they can truly be themselves. By engaging in age-appropriate activities and socialization, your young adult will gain a sense of independence and empowerment. We have a huge focus on giving back to our communities through serving and volunteering, which is a great way for teens and young adults to learn life skills. While focusing on helping the community is important to us, building authentic community and relationships is why we do what we do. Come for the fun, stay for the friends!

  • Recently expanded to offer spots for Jr. High students!
  • Grace RC is a faith-based organization - we are welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs - however, Christian values will be taught each week through our service, Bible studies, or worship experiences.

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Parents and Caregivers-

Join an online community that you feel safe sharing the everyday life of your child. The trials and triumphs, with no filter needed. Get advice from other parents or be the one to bless others with your stories, experiences, and advice. From infant to adult, we've seen it all. Come be apart of this amazing group!

Join the group to stay up to date with opportunities in the community for your children, as well as relaxation/respite time for YOU!