Young adult connect group

Fall 2020 - Friday evenings from 5-8pm

Each Friday night Grace RC will host a Young Adult Connect Group, where teens and young adults of all abilities can come together and build authentic friendships. 

On Friday nights, your teens and young adults will enter a safe and fun space where they can truly be themselves. By engaging in age-appropriate activities and socialization, your young adult will gain a sense of independence and empowerment. 

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Parents and Caregivers-

Join an online community that you feel safe sharing the everyday life of your child. The trials and triumphs, with no filter needed. Get advice from other parents or be the one to bless others with your stories, experiences, and advice. From infant to adult, we've seen it all. Come be apart of this amazing group!

Join the group to stay up to date with opportunities in the community for your children, as well as relaxation/respite time for YOU!