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Sport Fitness

Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from playing sports. Whether you are looking for sport-specific camps, one-on-one sport performance training or looking for a fun way to burn some extra energy before bedtime, Sport Fitness programs may be the way to go.

Sports offer a fun way to build overall fitness as well as promote healthy growth of bone density and improved cognitive function. 

Stay tuned for more on Sport Fitness and currently offered sports!


As the art of yoga becomes more popular everyday, grab a mat and join us for yoga classes for parents/caregivers, children, and families. Yoga has become increasingly utilized in special needs populations to promote concentration, flexibility, and strength. Many people are resorting to yoga as a therapeutic method for behavior, stress, and anxiety. 

Whether you as the parent need a getaway from the day to day, you are looking for a program for your child to help coping or flexibility, or you are looking for a low weight bearing activity for the whole family to enjoy, GRCfit will offer the right program for you.